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I am Sandra, love writing and taking pictures since I was little. Traveling on the other hand started later. Growing up in East Germany (GDR) it was never really a subject in my family. After the country reunited we explored the west part for a few years until we started off to visit Denmark, Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic.

When I left home I seen countries like Cuba, Tunisia, Turkey and UK with friends. Australia became slowly a dream of mine and with 25 I decided for a time out and backpacked there for 2 years.

Since then I have the travel bug and sharing my passion with my husband while living in Ireland. Our full time jobs allow us at least 3 holidays a year. We added countries like South Africa, USA, Croatia, Spain, Sweden and many more to our list. Maybe some day we get to see it all…

My blog is all about stories from my travels and living in Ireland. I also create Sightseeing guides with hotel and restaurant suggestions.